Welcome to Saras Engineering, a project of SARASCARE! 

SARASCARE is a charity dedicated to helping people who are passionate about technology. Our mission is to bridge the gap between charity work and IT expertise. Saras Engineering is proud to showcase the exceptional skills of our IT interns and volunteers who participate in our transformative program. Through this program, we provide hands-on experience in artificial intelligence, robotics, automation, software development, website design, mobile application development, and more. 

At SARASCARE, we believe that technology plays a vital role in positively impacting society. Our interns at Saras Engineering work on high impact projects and utilise their talents to become skilled problem solvers and critical thinkers. With this initiative, we aim to dispel the notion that working for a charity means sacrificing your IT experience. Instead, our interns and volunteers gain real-world knowledge and contribute to innovative solutions that drive positive change across industries and societal challenges. 

Join us on this exciting journey where philanthropy and IT expertise come together seamlessly to create a brighter future. Through Saras Engineering, we aim to support the next generation of tech enthusiasts and prove that technology can be a driver of change in the world. Together, let’s redefine what it means to work for a charity, where passion meets IT excellence to create lasting impact. Welcome to Salas Engineering, where we will bridge the gap between philanthropy and advanced technology! 

From my point of view as ana intern this has been very helpful in building my learning journey in the field of IT.Join us on this exciting jornry where philanthropy an IT expertise come together seamlessly to create 


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