Ganesh Shenoy

Meet Ganesh Shenoy, a highly skilled and TOGAF® certified Data Architect, with an impressive track record spanning 15 years in the Telecom OSS/BSS, Banking, and Financial Services industries. 

Ganesh’s expertise lies in architecting Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions in complex environments. With a deep understanding of information management, data migration, and data governance, he has proven his proficiency in providing top-notch IT consulting services. 

One of Ganesh’s key strengths is his commitment to staying ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving BI landscape. He continuously updates his knowledge through personal projects and actively participates in seminars and technology events, ensuring he remains well-informed about the latest industry trends and best practices in Business Intelligence. 

Throughout his career, Ganesh has successfully executed various projects, leveraging his in-depth expertise to deliver high-impact solutions for his clients. His innovative approach to problem-solving, coupled with his ability to navigate complex technological challenges, has earned him recognition and trust among his peers and clients alike. 

As a valuable member of the SARASCARE Engineering team, Ganesh brings his wealth of experience and passion for technology to drive innovation and deliver transformative BI solutions. His dedication to excellence and continuous learning make him an invaluable asset in our mission to bridge the gap between charity and cutting-edge technology. Ganesh is a visionary Data Architect, his contribution towards shaping a brighter future for SARASCARE Engineering and the community we serve is unmatched. 

Bharti Kundal


Bharti is a dynamic professional standing at the intersection of technology, culture, and humanitarian service, dedicated to leveraging her expertise in cyber security for the greater good at SarasCare Engineering. Bharti she is a driving force behind the comprehensive support provided through SarasCare Engineering. 

With a background in IT and specialization in cyber security, Bharti harnesses the power of technology as a tool for effecting positive change and ensuring the safety and security of SarasCare’s digital assets. She brings her expertise in cyber security to safeguard critical systems and data, providing a secure foundation for the organization’s operations. 

Beyond her role as a cyber security expert, Bharti embraces her position as a Cultural Ambassador for Sindh at SarasCare Engineering, championing the preservation and celebration of cultural heritage as a means for refugees to maintain a sense of identity and belonging. Through a combination of digital media, storytelling, and the creation of virtual spaces, she amplifies the rich traditions, art forms, and narratives of Sindh. In the face of displacement, she ensures that the cultural threads that weave the Sindhi community together remain unbroken. 

Bharti’s mission is to foster cultural pride and empower refugees to acknowledge and share their unique contributions with the world. As she strides forward, Bharti carries with her the ethos of her Sindhi heritage, a robust commitment to the refugee community, and the vision of a world where every displaced person is given the opportunity to thrive under the protection and support of SarasCare Engineering.